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Any homeowner wants to get value in garage door repair services. A team of technicians should help you diagnose the problem and provide expert guidance. The typical issues may include broken door spring, door opener not working, or damaged weather seal. Here are the types of garage door repairs for residential and commercial establishments.

Broken springs or cables

Do you hear a loud bang when you close your garage door? Well, you might be dealing with a broken spring. This happens when it has reached its life expectancy. Without a proper spring, the door will become difficult to lift manually. If you don’t address the problem immediately, you could end up with more expensive repairs.
Generally, there are two types of springs – torsion and extension. When you hire the services of an expert, he will know the best spring setups and lengths. The same applies to garage door cable. If there’s a problem with the cables, the door will get stuck in one position. And depending on how the door operates, you may need a specific type of cable. Other common issues with the cables include:

  • No movement
  • Uneven movement
  • Inability to open/close completely
  • Fast movement

Replacement of panels and sections

A garage door is composed of three hinged panels made of wood or steel. Sometimes, weather conditions or age can take their toll. If the panels look less than its best, you should repair or replace them. The first determining factor of the course of action to take is the age of the door. Unless you find a used piece for sale, it’s hard to purchase a single panel. It’s even hard to identify a matching color. In such cases, the most feasible action is to replace the panels. You should also pay attention to the cost of the damage before you make your decision.

Bent or broken rollers repair

If you don’t repair the rollers on your garage doors, it can lead to costly repairs. When your door makes loud noises, the rollers may need some replacement. While replacing broken or bent rollers can take an hour or two, it can be dangerous when you go the DIY route. The top part of the door may also get damaged when the rollers stop working smoothly. A professional will check each roller and then recommend the best course of action. To successfully replace the roller, you must disengage it and unbolt the broken hinge. But with the right tools, this process is straightforward.

Garage door opener repair

If you want to replace your garage door opener, you should work with a professional. He will diagnose the problem and help you decide on the best model. If there’s an electric motor, a power failure will determine whether the door will open or not. As you repair the door, a professional will advise on upgrades.

If your garage door is giving your problems, you need a professional service provider. Regardless of how minor the problem is, for safety reasons, you should never attempt to repair it on your own.

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